Synced/Unsynced (free download)

Synced/UnSynced is now available for free download!

Since it seems like most of us will still be in some version of remote/hybrid performance/teaching for a while, I decided to share this project for free so we can stay active and creative during this time.

Synced/UnSynced was composed for the Beta Percussion International Institute ONLINE for participants and faculty to play and record together as a group project. The question is, how do we play together while not being physically together?

Synced uses the obvious solution of playing with a click track.

UnSynced’s solution is music that does not need to line up in a specific way.

Both pieces are free instrumentation for any number of performers.

Download includes:

  1. Synced (free instrumentation) – PDF
  2. Unsynced (for any number of tuned instruments and/or voices) – PDF
  3. Synced (click track) – MP3
  4. Synced (Beta 2020 Version) – PDF

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