New Marimba Book – Colors

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new marimba book: Colors! Colors is a collection of 16 pieces for 4.3 octave marimba. These pieces explore my impressions of certain characters, musical / tone / visual colors, and pedagogical fundamentals that I find useful for intermediate percussionists. It’s now available for sale!

new arrangement of Sakura

Really excited to share this new arrangement of Sakura! Sakura is one of the most well-known Japanese folk songs. To me, the first half of this arrangement depicts a regal sakura tree in a traditional Japanese garden. The second half depicts wind blowing through the tree and flower petals dancing in the air. This arrangement was premiered by Eriko Daimo…

Synced/Unsynced (free download)

Synced/UnSynced is now available for free download! Since it seems like most of us will still be in some version of remote/hybrid performance/teaching for a while, I decided to share this project for free so we can stay active and creative during this time. Synced/UnSynced was composed for the Beta Percussion International Institute ONLINE for participants and faculty to play…

Etude in f# minor now published!

Etude in f# minor describes ‘searching’. On a musical level, although the piece is supposedly in f# minor, the tonality is quite unclear at times. It is searching for a tonal center, and only arrives at something resembling f# minor at the end. On an artistic level, this piece to me is searching for answers by reflecting within oneself. There…

Classes go online!

Thank you to everyone who attended my Bach online class yesterday! It was a wonderful gathering of old friends, new acquaintances, and people I have looked up to and learn from for years. Big thanks to my beautiful director, Eriko Daimo, and co-host, Casey Cangelosi. If you are interested in learning more about our ideas, please check out Beta Percussion…

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