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Music Sheet: Five Pieces (solo marimba), Pius Cheung – Downloadable PDF Version

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Five Pieces for solo marimba is a set of five miniatures dedicated to five good friends of mine who are also marimbists: Nancy Zeltsman, Yuko Yoshikawa, Eriko Daimo, Fumito Nunoya, and Jonathan Singer. Each piece is a short glimpse of how these great marimbists has appealed to me as a performer.

These pieces were my first attempt at twelve tone music. The tone row for these pieces is comprised on three sequences of four note motifs/cells, which can also be found in many of my other works. Though these pieces are ‘twelve tone’, I don’t consider them as ‘atonal’, since my treatment of the twelve tone row is quite tonal.

~ ca. 5 mins.

Pius Cheung

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