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The New York Times

“Bach as you’ve never heard it … [Mr. Cheung] surmounts the contrapuntal hurdles and offers a stylish, deeply expressive interpretation [of the Goldberg Variations] notable for its clear voicing, eloquent phrasing and wide range of color and dynamics …”

New York Concert Review

“… Mr. Cheung’s performance of his own arrangements was expressive, sensitive and unpretentious, and left the listeners with the feeling of comfort. The artist created perfect legato by carefully matching the reverberation and decay from one note to the next.”

All Music Guide

“These are in the nature of showpieces for Cheung’s artistry, to be sure, but they’re beautifully done, and they attain the elusive quality of making the sounds of the instrument into a discrete world of their own.”

The New York Times

“Here he offered a dexterous, expressively colored performance of the Allegro from Bach’s Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor, in a version for string quartet, double bass and marimba.”

The Washington Times

“Tuneful, neo-Romantic yet technically difficult, these pieces not only showcased Mr. Cheung’s mastery of his instrument but also demonstrated his considerable skill and promise as a composer in his own right – one who writes the kind of music people will want to hear.”

“The word marimba means ‘singing wood’. Something about the natural resonance of wood and how the sound floats in the air makes my entire body vibrate. It’s not only an instrument that you hear, but it’s also like a living musical being that you feel in your heart and soul.” ~ PIUS CHEUNG

18th Jun 2014

New Release: Nocturne in Gb Major (for solo marimba)

Nocturne in Gb Major came to me as a simple improvisation. To me, the key of Gb major is the warmest of all 24 chromatic keys. Especially on the marimba...

18th Jun 2014

New Release: Nocturne in f minor (for solo marimba)

Nocturne in f minor is my second attempt at nocturnes. It came to me during a sleepless night when numerous ideas and feelings, musical or not, were coursing through my...

31st Mar 2014
Poem of Water performed by Pei-Ching Wu

Pei-Ching Wu performed Poem of Water composed by Pius Cheung

Pei-Ching Wu performed Poem of Water, a six-mallet piece composed by Pius Cheung.

09th Dec 2013

IP’s Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets

The Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets features six models with rubber cores of varying hardness. Constructed on rattan handles, each model is wrapped with a very unique (alpaca-blend) yarn that...

17th Aug 2013

Pius Cheung in Curso de PERCUSION 2013, Agolada, Spain

In the photo are Pius Cheung, Jeff Davies & Pedro Carneiro at Curso de PERCUSION 2013. Photo taken by Fotografía y Edición: © Moncho Piñeiro.

18th Jul 2013

Photo: Pius Cheung with longtime idol, the marimba goddess Keiko Abe

Photo taken after masterclass at Toho Gakuen School of Music, Tokyo. Pius Cheung with this longtime idol, the marimba goddess, Keiko Abe.

07th Jul 2013

Interview: Artist-in-Residence Pius Cheung by Kyoto Art Box, Kyoto, Japan

Pius Cheung, the Artist-in-Residence of KAC-KCUA 2013 appeared in an interview by Kyoto Art Box, Kyoto Japan.

16th Jun 2013

Preview: Hong Kong Philharmonic – Colors of Crimson (Bright Sheng/Pius Cheung)

Preview of Bright Sheng Colours of Crimson, marimba concerto played by Pius Cheung and the Hong Kong Philharmonic.