Symphonic Poem

Symphonic Poem, composed and performed by Pius Cheung

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“These [titiles in Symphonic Poem CD] are in the nature of showpieces for Cheung’s artistry, to be sure, but they’re beautifully done, and they attain the elusive quality of making the sounds of the instrument into a discrete world of their own. …”

James Manheim, All Music Guide

Sample Sound Tracks

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Track 1 Sampler – Theme I

Track 2 Sampler – Theme II

Track 3 Sampler – Death-March

Track 4 Sampler – Struggle

Track 5 Sampler – Cantabile

Track 6 Sampler – Battle

Track 7 Sampler – Mourning, At Peace, Rise to Triumph

Track 8 Sampler – Final Triumph

Track 9 Sampler – Etude in d minor

Track 10 Sampler – Etude in c# minor

Track 11 Sampler – Etude in D Major

Track 12 Sampler – Etude in e minor

Track 13 Sampler – Musical Moment No. 5

Artist’s Notes

“It has been 3 years since I recorded my debut album of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. While the recording experience was, on one hand, enjoyable, and the response for the album was better than I had even dreamed of, the whole process consumed all of my energy. But at the encouragement of family, friends and colleagues, I decided to embark on my 2nd CD project, for which I have chosen to record selections of my own compositions that I hold dearly to my heart.

I have always favored large compositions through which the composer conveys to us his or her view on the world as well as life itself, ergo the choice of the Goldbergs 3 years ago. While I can in NO WAY be compared to the genius that is Bach, the featured composition on this album – Symphonic Poem – is an epic journey in my imaginary world, one that is spawned from the duality that I find exists in almost everything in life. In the music is my take on human emotions and states of being, a few of which include Good and Evil, Love and Hate, Life and Death, Agony and Joy, Fear and Courage, Pride and Humility, etc. As suggested by the track titles, there are vague programatic ideas behind the music that serve as its structural guildline. The piece is about 40 minutes long. Though I divided it into 8 tracks, I would highly recommend listening to the entire composition in one sitting and being fully immerged into a world outside of reality.

Also included on this album are some of my smaller compositions: Etudes in d minor, c# minor, D Major, e minor, and Musical Moment No. 5 – Romance. I am extremely grateful to fellow percussionists and marimbists for learning and performing them; there is no greater satisfaction for me as a composer than to hear my music being performed by fellow musicians.

Pius Cheung

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